From the Brand - Obsolete

Our Story

Martial arts were the best thing to ever happen to Mike, the founder of MoneyFyte. The characteristics developed through martial arts makes you realize you can achieve anything you want in this world, it’s as simple as having a vision, believing in yourself, being disciplined, and never giving up. Our team has dedicated their lives to martial arts and fitness through competing, teaching, and inspiring the next generation. Our mission is to spread our wealth of knowledge and experience to change your life, get you focused, and provide you the tools to make martial arts a part of your future, so you too can achieve anything you want in this world. MoneyFyte takes pride in developing and handcrafting the highest quality gear with the sharpest designs on the market. Quality and protection are essential to us; whether you’re a high-level athlete, office worker, or tradesperson, let us be a part of your journey and do the hustling required to protect your Money Makers.


What Makes Our Products Cutting Edge?

The founder of MoneyFyte has been in the trenches competing for many years in kickboxing and Muay Thai. Our real combat experience allows us to truly understand the fine details required to craft the perfect product, and our years of experience manufacturing martial arts products allows our team to bring our vision to reality. We understand the importance of high-quality materials required to manufacture products that provide the right protection and longevity. Not only do we provide high-class and durable products, but we also bring mind blowing designs to ensure you’re arriving at the gym in style.


We Love What We Do!

MoneyFyte employees have all drastically changed their lives in some way through martial arts. The character built from grueling training sessions and competing is second to none. Combat sports and fitness, in general, have changed our lives by engraining passion, discipline, work ethic, respect, ambition, and perseverance. Combat sports and fitness enhance mood, reduce stress, and build comradery. It’s a blessing to be able to create positive change, share these experiences with the world, and provide you with the best products on the market.